Call for submissions to PJIM

Posted: January 29th, 2009 | Author: Manuel Lima | Filed under: Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

On January 19th the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping (PIIM) launched the inaugural issue of their new academic journal and online forum – the Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM). PJIM focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of information visualization. With each issue, the Journal aims to present novel ideas and approaches that advance the field of Knowledge Visualization through visual, engineering, and cognitive methods.

They are interested in publishing original essays, academic manuscripts, interactive and non-interactive projects, and project documentation that address representation, processing, and communication of information. PJIM encourages interdisciplinary thinking and approaches.

PIIM is a great research institution that has been at the forefront of Information Design/Visualization for many years. I was fortunate to be part of the team back in 2004 and it was a perfect breeding ground for many early ideas leading to birth of

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