Paris in January

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In the end of January I was in Paris for a couple of events: a talk at ESAG - École Supérieure de Design, d’Art Graphique et d’Architecture Intérieure and one-week workshop at ENSAD - École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. The lecture at ESAG was great and the lengthy discussion that followed, with the packed audience of inquisitive students, was extremely involving.

The workshop at ENSAD was a longer and very fruitful engagement, part of IDN: Identité numérique mobile (DMI: Digital Mobile Identities), a new program of ENSAD Lab - a research unit for creation and innovation gathering graduate research students and professionals to collaborate and discuss on the contemporary challenges of design. Lead by Remy Bourganel and Etienne Mineu, IDN is meant to investigate the flows, the emerging patterns and representations that qualify a new digital mobile identity. In this context, students at the workshop explored different ways of analyzing and visualizing different social dimensions relevant to them. Some of their initial studies can be seen here.