Hello VC world!

Posted: December 1st, 2008 | Author: Manuel Lima | Filed under: Uncategorized |

Finally got the time to kick off VC blog. I always felt it was hard to communicate with many VC users, so I hope this space will facilitate a more direct dialog with a wider anonymous audience. What you can expect from this blog is occasional insights into Information Visualization, Complexity, and Interaction Design. I might cover different aspects of projects featured in VC or simply related trends and subjects that might be of interest to you. This space is also yours, so feel free to contribute.

3 Comments on “Hello VC world!”

  1. 1 Rafe Furst said at 6:31 pm on December 14th, 2008:

    I’d like to be able to automatically feature a VC photo of the day on my own WordPress complexity blog. If you cross-posted your images to flickr, we could pick up the flickr feed and do this. Unfortunately the normal RSS feed reader doesn’t display images on WordPress.

  2. 2 admin said at 12:19 pm on December 16th, 2008:

    Thanks for the feedback Rafe. This goes back to a popular wish of making VC’s content more scrapable, so people can easily feature it on their blogs, possibly by means of customizable widgets. I really like the idea of a “VC photo of the day” and I will try to come up with a solution to this soon.

  3. 3 PoermSheethah said at 5:41 pm on July 2nd, 2009:

    Your blog is so interesting! I have subscribed on rss and I will read it regullary/

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