RSA Animate - The Power of Networks

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About two years ago, in November 2010, I wrote a post stating I much I enjoyed and admired theĀ “remarkable examples of visual storytelling” produced by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and CognitiveMedia in their enticing RSA Animate series. Earlier this year I received an email from RSA telling me that they were considering turning my original RSA talk, from December 2011, into an RSAnimate. I was absolutely over the moon. In May 2012, the 12th video of the series was released, based on my talk “The Power of Networks“. The final result exceeded all my expectations, and to this day I’m still dumbfounded by the phenomenal creativity of Andrew Park and his team, and the fantastic visual metaphors they continuously come up with.

Apart from the video you can also download a pdf of the complete final drawing, or order a printed A0 poster (well worth it). Here are some images of the final composition:

2 Comments on “RSA Animate - The Power of Networks”

  1. 1 Massimo Franceschet said at 9:10 pm on October 23rd, 2012:

    I loved this animation! I\’am gonna start my course on \’network science\’ with it. Students will love it too. Thanks.

  2. 2 Sebastian Knopp said at 8:33 pm on November 4th, 2012:

    Great video, thank you for that!

    I am looking for an easy to use application to visualize networks. Should work like the mind maps applications - any ideas on that?

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