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Some people, including myself, have developed a fascination for the tangible world of printed-paper, in opposition to the bright pixels of online visualizations. Just last week I received yet another email on this topic. My obsession for maps, antique ones in particular, is not new and I’ve started collecting a few personal gems over the past years (gems to my eyes at least). This obsession has spread into other areas, and lately I found myself collecting a variety of different size tubes that have to be kept in a cabinet at home, since there are no free walls for its content. Most of these posters are great pieces of information design and I’m always eager for new ones, even if they ought to be stored in a dusty cabinet for now. I’m sure a time will come when they finally see the light of day and get displayed with the consideration they deserve.

Just in time for Christmas, and since so many people have demonstrated an interest for this subject, I decided to share some of the links I’ve been collecting. The following list includes posters I’ve bought and others that are currently on my wishlist. Please feel free to point to other relevant works in the comments section.


History Shots

A growing collection of outstanding posters. Great work and dedicated service. Some works have been featured in VC. See the U.S. Army Divisions in World War II and the Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music.

Information Esthetics

Information Esthetics showcases work made by W. Bradford Paley and other key contributors and sells some of the pieces at affordable prices. The site is slightly outdated but some of the posters can still be bought. The Map of Scientific Paradigms has unfortunately been sold out, but a poster of the famous TextArc can still be purchased. You can check other great projects by W. Bradford Paley here.


Great collection (4 posters) of different flow maps from Internet backbone architecture to international telephone traffic. A bit overpriced but well designed and highly detailed.

Stefanie Posavec Series

Freshly updated, Stefanie Posavec’s project Writing Without Words is now available for purchase in a series of 6 posters showcasing her detailed and intricate design skills.

Catalogtree Posters

These remarkable collection of posters should simply be available for purchase. I bet they could generate a good source of income from these pieces. Some of their work is currently on VC, check here and here.


Blanka is a renowned collection of original, vintage and limited edition posters and prints. Slightly expensive  but worth every penny. London’s Kerning, with its roughly 1 X 1.5m (39×59″), isolating the bulk of labels in the city of London is my favorite.

Ork Neighborhood Posters

Beautiful typographical posters of different neighborhoods of many American cities.

Individual Posters

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