Great animation in Berlin

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The last time I was in Berlin to give a talk at VizThink Europe, in October 2008, I saw an outstanding animation at the entrance hall of the German Historical Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum) documenting the spreading of different hominid species from Africa to the rest of the World, all the way to modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) and the year 1 BC. The animation included a timeline on the bottom and two counters on the top (year and overall population). Different colors, representing each hominid species, were shown expanding through the globe as the timeline moved forward, even showing the advance and retreat of the Ice Age glaciers, and its impact on the different living species, in particular on European Neanderthals. The animation was in a flat (roughly 40″) screen in a pedestal next to a massive (4×4m) map of Europe showcasing the boundaries of Germany over the past millennium.

I’ve been trying to track down some details on this exhibit across the Web but wasn’t able to find anything. If someone knows who’s behind the work please let me know.

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  1. 1 ArianaVect said at 9:33 pm on May 13th, 2009:

    I love it! That is way cool man! The steps weren’t that complicated too, which is great.

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