Asao Tokolo - Master of Pattern Design

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Japanese Architect Asao Tokolo has been working in a wide range of fields, but he’s best known for his original graphic motifs called Tokolo Patterns. One of the many applications of his motifs has been on mosaics of captivating fridge magnets:

You could stick Tokolo Pattern Magnets on your refrigerator door, but the temptation to rotate them into endlessly new shapes — and the magic of the fact that every edge will always match every other, whatever’s happening in the tangled center of each tile — might make you forget why you came into the kitchen in the first place.

These patterns are extremely compelling for its flexible nature, leading to endless outcomes. They also provide interesting mathematical challenges that have been explored by other authors/researchers:

Scholarly papers have been dedicated to the ingenious ways these patterns can be generated and made to interlock and repeat — the fractal geometries of form. What interested Tokolo, though, was the way each tile could have a completely unique shape, and yet be made to link harmoniously to all the others — an unexpected harmony, perhaps, between Western individualism and Eastern collectivism.

Read more on Tokolo Patterns here and here.

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