Interview with Albert-László Barabási

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Here’s an interesting interview by Seed magazine with Albert-László Barabási, author of Linked, one of the key figures in the science of complex networks, and a major influence on my own personal research.

In reference to the 21st century being seen by many as the century of networks, of complexity, Barabási points out how “students who in the past would have gone to physics and math, now are enrolling in computer science and biology, or are trying to understand networks and complexity”. And he continues his train of though saying that this “network explosion coincides with humanity turning inward”.

Interviewer James Fowler then ends the discussion by stating: “It’s an open question whether or not we are going to make it until the end of the century. But I think that if we are going to make it, it’s only because we’re able to understand ourselves better by using this new technology. That’s really going to be what helps us find solutions to these problems that we face in the century of networks”.

Check the interview video on the Seed Salon.

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