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Made by Many | BBH

Tuesday I was at BBH in London, through an invitation by Justin McMurray @juzmcmuz from Made by Many. The audience had great questions following the lecture, which always makes for a richer experience. It was also great to meet some of the people from the cool agency Made by Many and BBH, particularly @stueccles and @PatsMc, and hang out with some old friends.

Information Kinetics: Egoviz

Last weekend I was in the beautiful city of San Sebasti├ín to give a lecture in Arteleku, in the context of Information Kinetics: Egoviz - a two-week workshop directed by bestiario. It was great to see Santiago Ortiz again, meet Kepa Landa (from Arteleku) and all the students and collaborators involved in the workshop. Here you can know more about the projects developed in this “taller”.

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