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Posted: December 8th, 2009 | Author: Manuel Lima | Filed under: Uncategorized |

As some of you might have noticed I’ve been away for a while, so I just wanted to give you a short update on my whereabouts. I got married in the end of October and had a fantastic honeymoon in Asia. After arriving in mid-November I was in Lisbon PT for a talk at a conference organized by the Society for News Design, and later in Sheffield UK for a talk at the School of Architecture (SUAS). More recently I was with Santiago Ortiz, Aaron Koblin, Ben Cerveney, Jose Luis de Vicente, and an amazing group of people at Visualizar’09, in MediaLab Prado, Madrid. The workshop went great and I had a really good time. Apart from all of the above, I’ve been busy with this (an update to follow shortly).

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