One year of infographics

by Manuel Lima

November 20, 2011

Every week I get a considerable number of projects submitted to However, in the last 11 months I’ve received an avalanche of suggestions linking to a new class of graphics—previously absent from my inbox—the ever so popular [INFOGRAPHIC]. Over time, I gave up trying to explain I don’t feature this type of execution on the website, so now I just sit back and observe as my inbox floods with new specimens every single day. It’s not clear what triggered this recent and astonishing popularity, which is certainly causing rants amongst those exhausted by its pervasiveness. As the 42 samples below illustrate, this type of graphic is normally comprised of a long stripe with a variety of elements, such as maps, uncanny clipart, miscellaneous charts, large text and bulky numbers. But despite their lavish diversity, many of these examples lack one critical trait: design excellence.