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March 2012 Eye Magazine  

"Overall, the book demonstrates how network visualisation can counter the legacy of fragmented approaches to knowledge, and examines its potential to support relational thinking. Visual Complexity shows us how this new field can augment our understanding of both natural phenomena and human-made systems."

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February 2012 Conveyor Magazine  

"Rarely does a book on such a new phenomena manage successfully to relate the history of a practice - mapping - with an interest in design and contemporary aesthetic practices. Lima combines his personal passion for a new type of design with a desire to make design a prism through which to see human history."

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December 2011 New York Times Book Review  

"Visual Complexity is a showcase for the intersection of art, design and science. [...] The book is a kind of manifesto, making the case for (as Lima writes) 'a new network-based outlook on the world, one that is based on diversity, decentralization and nonlinearity.' [...] Some of the examples are indeed silly. Some are profound. Many are decidedly beautiful. And all are fascinating, given the infinite kinds of data that can be visualized."

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December 2011 WIRED Magazine - Holiday Wish List  

"From genealogical patterns in medieval tapestries to the math behind fractals, Lima, a senior UX design lead for Bing, shows how designers turn complex patterns into compelling artwork."

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October 2011 Metropolis Magazine  

"A kind of twenty-first-century mash-up of Christopher Alexander and Edward Tufte, this dense, intellectually ambitious book looks at the ways scientists, researchers, and designers are using technology to organize, define, and depict complex networks. (...) Lima goes deep into the historical precedents (for example, the tree of life), and even deeper into information design and network theory. Still, the author engages this heady material with a surprisingly sharp and lucid eye."

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September 2011 Make-Money-Not-Art  

"Taking the best of both world, the visual punch and the informed text, Visual Complexity, Mapping Patterns of Information has everything it takes to satisfy the curious and the expert alike. It's a precise and pleasant book that does justice to the practice of infoviz and i'm sure that it will be an invaluable reference for the whole design community for years to come. (...) If Lima knows how to use images to filter and make complex nodes of data more apprehensible, he also seems to be a master in transferring the power of clarity into words."

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August 2011 Brain Pickings  

"From the Bible to Wikipedia edits to the human genome, the gorgeous and thought-provoking visualizations in the book will make you look at the world in a whole new way, and the insightful essays accompanying them will vastly expand your understanding of the trends and technologies shaping our ever-evolving relationship with information."

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August 2011 Cool Hunting  

"The historical section alone makes the book worth purchasing, while the exploration of the concepts and visually impressive layout will keep you engaged throughout. (...) Beyond the historical context, the book's fantastic imagery of visualized information and data sets spans a range of subjects—from the interconnectedness of one person's email network to a map of five million links across millions of IP addresses circa 2003."

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April 2011 Frieze Magazine  

"Incredibly ambitious, deeply researched, and beautifully illustrated, Manuel Lima’s exploration of the history and future of network design, Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information is the next step in understanding where information design is (and needs to be) headed, and from whence it came."

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