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Inside cobot's head
AT&T Labs - Research
Project Description:
cobot is a software agent who lives in the MUD - LambdaMOO, an active online community frequented by several hundred users. His goal in life is to interact with other members of the community and to become a real part of his social fabric. Toward this end, Cobot builds models of those around him, based on statistics of who performs what actions, and on whom they use them.

This graph is a representation of the social relationships inside cobot's head. Each node in this graph is a person. The color represents communicative style, translated into HSV space. One dimension measures the amount of interaction generated by that player while another measures the ratio of speech actions (eg "say") to non-speech actions (eg "hug" or "kick"). The third dimension is held constant to provide uniform brightness.

Red-purple colors tend to be players who are average interactors, and who interact mainly through speaking; yellow, a normal interactors, but through non-speech acts; blue, heavy interactors through speaking; and green heavy non-speaking interactors.

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