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Internet Mapping Project
Hal Burch and Bill Cheswick
Bell Labs - Lumeta
Project Description:
The Internet Mapping Project was started at Bell Labs in the summer of 1998. Its long-term goal is to acquire and save Internet topological data over a long period of time. This data has been used in the study of routing problems and changes, DDoS attacks, and graph theory.

"This mapping consists of frequent traceroute-style path probes, one to each registered Internet entity. From this, we build a tree showing the paths to most of the nets on the Internet. We have no interest in the specific endpoints or network services on those endpoints, just the topology of the 'center' of the Internet."

These paths change over time, as routes reconfigure and the Internet grows. "We are preserving this data, and plan to run the scans for a long time. The database should help show how the Internet grows. We think we can even make a movie of this growth someday."

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