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    Multi-Domain Representation  
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3D Geographic Network Display
Kenneth C.Cox, Stephen G. Eick, Taosong He
Bell Laboratories
Project Description:
In an attempt to solve some of the inherent problems of 2D network visualizations, Eick (et al) proposed a series of alternative structures. As the authors say: "One way to solve the clutter problem inherent in 2D network displays is to draw the network in 3D. The idea is that by positioning the nodes in 3D and drawing arcs instead of links, we can eliminate the line crossings that confuse 2D displays. Of course when viewed from any particular angle certain links may appear to cross on a 2D computer screen. The advantage, however, of the 3D representation is that through our preattentive depth perception we will automatically perceive the display correctly."

The second image shows an attempt of positioning the nodes in a helix, which according to the authors, makes a better use of screen real-estate.

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