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Seal Food Web
Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment - Tasmania, Australia
Project Description:
Seals have a key place in the marine ecosystem, a natural part of a complex and productive ocean. Some fishermen complain about seals, accusing them of taking all their fish. Occasionally fishermen suggest that seals should be culled and that this will increase fish stocks and there will then be more available for human consumption. However, closer examination of seal-fishery interactions at the ecosystem level suggests that removing or culling seals may in fact be detrimental to fish stocks rather than beneficial. Remove a top predator and the whole system runs the risk of collapse, just like removing a key player from a sports team. Each component of the ecosystem (or each player in the team) has an important role to play. So killing seals may not ensure a greater catch of targeted fish stocks!

This map represents the intricate food web of the seal.

Comments (1):
This Is A Very Cool Food Web

Posted by Bailee on Mar 26, 2008 at 12:14 AM (GMT)

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