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Fractional Angular Analysis
Sheep N. Dalton
Project Description:
These images are part of a research done by Sheep N. Dalton in the context of a paper for the Third Space Syntax conference in Atlanta, USA. The paper covers a new theory that can perform new kinds of configurational analysis. The software which performs the analysis is called "Meanda" (Mean Depth Angular) and was developed by Dalton.

The project visualizes the network structure of the graph that is formed from the network of streets. This work is derived from a set of network theories in architecture known as "Space Syntax". It is generally found that these colors which are formed from a measurement of graph structure correlate well with observed patterns of pedestrian movement. The first image illustrates London Radius infinity Mean Depth. This is a vehicular map so Oxford street has been removed to represent it's non availability to cars. The second image shows Amsterdam Mean depth.

For more information on how fractional analysis is computed click here

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