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Mapa de Conocimiento (Map of Knowledge)
Guille Lopez Gines
Project Description:
The knowledge has revealed like a key factor in the development of any idea or project. Nowadays we are surrounded by information, but what really interests it is to be able to interpret and understand data, thus to obtain knowledge. For it, under the idea of this project, it has to arise a new form to show and to interact with the information: the schematic. The schematic is a logical and structured language, where data and abstract slight knowledge can be show in a "organized complex" visualization constituted by significant informative elements and the established underlying relations among them. Really, a place where the user can understand each data in its own context.

This flash tools visualizes a series of URL's organized by main areas such as: Design, Illustration, Photography, Music, Science, etc, in an effort to organize one's source of inspiration for new ideas to arise.

Comments (1):
We are interested in knowing if you have the capabilities to work with us in a drug discovery multiplateau dynamic knowledge map. If so, please let us know.

Posted by Xavier Mensa on Mar 6, 2009 at 11:44 AM (GMT)

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