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Jordi Puig Vila, Mar Canet
Project Description:
NodeMail is a visualization tool for email and a free and open device for social activism. The application renders NetActivism visible by exploiting email technology. It provides information about the social relations that configure the communication of any activism-related message.

Nodemail works as follows: everytime someone generates a message through the online application, a principal node is created. For each user who receives the message, another node is created, and the hierarchies among these are maintained by chronological order. In this manner, the user can see who has sent the message for the first time, to whom he or she has sent them, how it arrives, and which users it has gone through. The user can also see how far his or her voice reached, and how his or her contacts sent the message to others all the way to the thousands or millions. It is a free and open tool for social mobilization, for each user is free to use this device to send content.

Currently, Nodemail can only visualize the spread of one message at a time, but the authors hope that in a future version they'll be able implement the working of several messages at the same time.

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