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Corporate Connection
Zohar Manor-Abel
Project Description:
What is the connection between 3 celebrities, 35 corporations, 40 subsidiaries and more than 300 brands? Global business interests make up a complex network of connections between corporations from around the world. Corporate Connection, intends to shed light on 'who owns what' in the global marketplace and on the intricate nature of the world wide "business" web.

As the author explains: "Corporate Connection started in my first year of studies, as a small project to find out which brands were doing animal testing. Slowly it developed into the intricate nature of corporations, brands, consumerisms and the connections between them in about six months of research".

Besides its unquestionable effort of putting this network together, I would only point out the confusing element of having a world map in the background, since the placement of nodes (corporations and subsidiaries) are not based on geographical location.

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