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Ben Fry
New York Magazine
Project Description:
As part of its 2006 February 20 Issue, dedicated to "The Blog Establishment", New York Magazine commissioned Ben Fry to map the connections between the most-linked-to 50 blogs, using data from Technorati.

Each arrow represents a hypertext link that was made sometime in the previous 90 days. The Blogosphere encompasses a vast communication network of interconnected individuals (bloggers) who are linked by shared interests and patterned flows of information. Links between blogs (blogrolling) represent recognition votes in an endless global popularity poll. Some top-50 sites don't have any links from the others shown here, mainly because they are from countries other then the USA, such as Japan, China, Spain or Germany; and therefore, they have a tendency to remain within their immediate linguistic/cultural community.

On the top 3 popularity list is Boing Boing, Engadget and PostSecret. For an updated listing on Technorati click here.

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