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Vanilla Space Visualization Project
Christian Langreiter
Project Description:
The goal of this project is to envision and implement compelling, useful and/or enlightening visualizations of the Vanilla snip/link structure. Vanilla is a simple, extensible hypertext system and framework for developing small-scale web applications written in REBOL.

The first incarnation of vanilla-vista uses TouchGraph, a Java framework for creating dynamic graph visualizations developed by Alex Shapiro. On, one can experience vanilla-vista in many ways throughout the site by clicking on a particular icon whenever one can spot it (e.g. at the upper right in the header of snips).

A very interesting application of vanilla-vista (available at is visualizing Google sets, in particular when mapping the relationships and sphere of influence of a particular person, such as Isaac Newton, Plato, Galileo, or Frank Sinatra. Once the initial graph has loaded, you can wander further by double-clicking on a node (which loads the next few neighbouring nodes, should there be any). Be sure to right-click on nodes to see more options (like jumping to the node of interest in the browser).

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