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Circling Galaxy
America's Cup
Project Description:
Circling Galaxy explores the history of the America's Cup through the people and the boats who are part of the legend. This tool provides a rich network environment where one can easily search and navigate through all the boats, people and corresponding links between them.

Developed in flash and based on Liveplasma (, Circling Galaxy provides a deep understanding of this event in a smooth toggling between person and boat. Whenever a boat is selected, a related web of people immediately surrounds it, and when a person is choosen, an architect for instance, it shows all teams and boats he's been involved with. Besides the name, every person is characterized by its activity: Skipper, Helmsman, Afterguard, Team Member, Team Manager, Owner, Architect, Builder, Sail Maker.

The information in the Circling Galaxy is regularly updated.

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