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Font 004 - Community
Marian Bantjes
Project Description:
I have to admit I only recently found the amazing work of Marian Bantjes, but certainly enough I became an instant admirer. As portrayed by the Brazilian magazine tupigrafia: "Hidden in a forest near Vancouver, Marian Bantjes promotes a silent revolution. Pulverizing the borders between calligraphic gesture and digital precision, her work is remarkable for its flow. Any tool in her hands can be a weapon to serve this revolution: vectors, bitmaps, or even a plain ballpoint pen".

The images shown here are part of a project Bantjes developed for Fontshop's Font 004 magazine, where she was given the opportunity to write/draw over 3 spreads on the subject of Community. The process is better described by Bantjes herself: "I initially wrote a fairly lengthy piece on the inclusiveness/exclusiveness of community and the varying levels of exclusivity, as well as the various potential communities to which we all belong. And after writing, I started to draw. And as I drew, I eliminated the text as it became absorbed into the graphics. I used 6 Fontshop typefaces in the piece, breaking most of the typographic rules I diligently insist my typography students observe. I also created 31 pattern rings made from dissected pieces of the typefaces. The whole became a kind of organic narrative diagram, and is by far one of my favourite pieces ever".

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