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Aymeric Mansoux
Project Description:
A "Hyper Instrument" based on a visual and sonic translation of a traceroute, proposes to the spectator an electronic voyage: the study of a creation process through the representation of a digital data source.

StmSq3 is a journey into the inaccessible and prohibited universe of the machines. A personal and artistic vision of the inhuman numerical communications structures subjacent through the Internet network. This voyage is a performance. Various courses through the Internet network are analyzed and represented in visual and audio forms, while an instrumentalist orchestrates these different scenes exploiting the various levels of interpretation of the visited paths.

An IP address is randomly picked, if this one corresponds to a machine currentlyconnected on the Internet, a traceroute is carried out towards it. This traceroute is then analyzed and retranscribed in the form of sound patterns and 3D architecture. The instrumentalist accompanies them by giving place to a musical and graphic immersive improvisation.

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