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FreshMadrid Diagram
Nerea Calvillo
Project Description:
FreshMadrid is a group of individuals and architecture studios based in Madrid. The group's innovative position can be clearly identified with the incorporation of different projecting tools from sociology, politics, anthropology, biology, economics, and ecology, which extend and reinforce the concept of multidisciplinarity, offering a space for those between the hybrid universe of architecture and contemporary art. FreshMadrid uses interactive strategies and the web to stimulate a shared common creation and to support the production of new works and projects through new relation formats.

Nerea Calvillo from FreshMadrid has produced an innovative and captivating diagram highlighting all the links between the different studios that form the architecture group. The diagram is quite detailed, making good use of Florence Nightingale's coxcomb to map each studio's location, tools, areas of intervention, type of products, collaborators, etc.

Comments (1):
y no solo en madrid

Posted by alicante on Mar 31, 2009 at 6:10 PM (GMT)

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