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Art in Odd Places
David Bunde
Art in Odd Places
Project Description:
The second annual Art in Odd Places (AIOP) is an independent art exhibition which presents visual art, installations, and performances in unexpected public places on September 4 - October 1, 2006 in the Lower East Side (LES) of Manhattan, NY. It provides an opportunity for artists to explore and examine the role public space plays in our society. Using a map, the audience roams the Lower East Side discovering art in places throughout the community. AIOP 2006 projects continue to examine current public space potential, spaces that have recently been privatized, and the boundaries of public space. The printed maps are available on different locations around LES and also as a pdf on the project's website.

On the interactive map available online (shown here), one can easily understand the relationships between authors, location, and projects, placed in three correspondent columns, by rolling over each one of the instances. For a more accurate view of the projects' location, there's also a google map version of it.

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