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    Multi-Domain Representation  
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Tulip Software
David Auber, Patrick Mary
LaBRI, University of Bordeaux I, France
Project Description:
Tulip, created by David AUBER, has been an important contribution to the area of information visualization. Even if the Tulip framework allows the visualization, the drawing and the edition of small graphs, all the parts of the framework have been built in order to be able to visualize graphs having more than 1.000.000 elements. Such a visualization system must draw and display huge graphs, allow the navigation through geometric operations as well as the extraction of subgraphs and the enhancement of the results obtained by filtering.

The Tulip architecture provides among other features the following: 3D visualizations and modifications; plug-in support for easy evolution; building of clusters and navigation into it; automatic clustering of graphs; automatic selection of elements; and finally, automatic metric coloration of graphs.

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