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Football Drawings
Susken Rosenthal
Project Description:
The Football Drawings show the ball movements during a soccer game as viewed from above. The first Football Drawings were produced in 1982. Since 1984 they were shown in several exhibitions concerning Art and Football / Art and Soccer.

Each work is an individual "portrait" of a specific game: for instance the final match of the FIFA World cup 1986 Argentina versus Germany. Like a seismographic sketch, the ball movements are drawn simultaneously to the action on the field: individual movements, corners and goals can be recognized as well as the strategy and the relation of strength between the competing teams.

At the same time, this graphic series is a work of abstract art. Each one displays an aesthetic network of lines, the density of which increases with the energy of the game. This happens in a strict concept of time (90 minutes) and form (football field.

Comments (2):
Would be interesting to have a two color graph which depending on the ball possession... will give insights on how defensive attacking etc the teams were

Posted by nilesh hiray on Jun 10, 2007 at 8:06 PM (GMT)

great map - reminds me of a painting (i forget the name!!!) of a study of every shot played during one frame of snooker when a player achieved a maximum break of 147. May also be worth taking a look at a map of The Rumble in The Junle (Ali vs. Foreman) fight, charting every punch thrown, designed by NB: Studio I think. Defiantely worth a look up.

Posted by Matt Robbins on Jun 29, 2007 at 1:15 PM (GMT)

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