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Primelabs, Sweden
Project Description:
Twingly screensaver tries to map the global activity of the blogosphere in a dynamic 3D globe view of the Earth. The engaging visualization is a real time rendering of blog posts represented as bars standing over the continents. The motivation of the Primelabs team is obvious: "The fact that every blog is an ordered record of thoughts and opinions makes the aggregated data of many blogs very valuable. With a large amount of data from various blogs it is possible to analyze the spread of ideas and monitor the effects of a campaign or public knowledge of a brand. Without the time axis, a statistical report is just a snapshot in time. With the concept of time, a new dimension is added to the equation."

As the authors explain in their blog: "Twingly is an aggregation of the global blogosphere into a single database. The immense power of this data will be made available to our customers through a number of applications. With sustained innovation over a long period of time we are continously improving the tools available for connecting to the blogosphere".

To use Twingly screensaver you need a PC with Windows and a graphics card supporting OpenGL.

Comments (1):
Just what I have been looking for...thank you.

Posted by Marwan on Aug 29, 2007 at 3:47 AM (GMT)

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