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Web Trend Map 2007
Information Architects
Project Description:
Information Architects first created the Web Trend Map as a Christmas and New Year's present to their clients and readers. The map shown here is an updated version (v2) of the original work. The map shows all the big players, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective; using the Tokyo Metro map as an underlying reference.

The new trend map features much more websites than the original one. As the authors explain: "While the focus is still on English language websites (because that is where it's at), we have added some Japanese sites (a mystery to most of you gaijin), some German sites (yeah, there are some popular ones) and a Chinese line (the second Internet)". The Tokyo Metro map has been substantially modified to fit the needs of the Web Trend Map and the different trend lines have been renamed, simplified and cleaned up (e.g. if you follow the tech line -- you will find tech sites, if you follow the news line -- you will find news sites).

By associating certain websites to physical locations in Tokyo, people who know the city well will probably find many hints and sarcastic jokes hidden in the map.

Comments (1):
other strange world web map here :

Posted by robert on Sep 20, 2007 at 11:16 AM (GMT)

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