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TheBrain Technologies
Project Description:
TheBrain Technologies is a provider of visual content management solutions. The company was founded in 1996 and has been delivering several information management solutions over the years, with the intent of providing more informed decision-making. TheBrain technology can be utilized on corporate intranets, desktops, and the Internet. Some applications include: customer care, project management, dynamic mind mapping, IT management and helpdesks, impact assessment, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales support, and personal information management.

TheBrain has two primary products: PersonalBrain for individual users and BrainEKP, an enterprise knowledge platform for group collaboration. PersonalBrain helps you organize Web pages, contacts, documents, emails and files in one place so that it?s easier to find them. With PersonalBrain you can even find related items that you worked on, but forgot existed. PersonalBrain is simple to use and allows you to create a Brain for your own desktop.

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