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Fidg't Visualizer
Project Description:
Fidg't works as a Social Networking Address Book by keeping track of all your friends and their media across different social networks. After signing up you can just enter a couple of your accounts and Fidg't pulls all of your friends together and group them into what they call Meta Contacts. Some supported social networks include Flickr, LastFM, AIM and Yahoo Messenger. One of the coolest services provided by Fidg't is a desktop application called Fidg't Visualizer.

The Fidg't Visualizer allows you to play around with your network through Flickr and LastFM tags, using any tag to create a magnet. Once a tag magnet is created, members of the network will gravitate towards it if they have photos or music with that same tag.

This simple mechanic lets you visualize your network in a unique way, demonstrating its predisposition towards certain things. What is more popular amongst people in your network - rock or electronic music? Are photos of buildings more popular than photos of sunsets? Based on how your network reacts to those tags, you might get an answer. The Visualizer also shows how your network compares to a random sampling of the networks of other Fidg't users, letting you see how your network stacks up to others. For good measure, you can also search through the network for certain users, and check out their recent photos and music.

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