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    Multi-Domain Representation  
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Hypergraph Generator
Pascal Chirol
Project Description:
The concept is simple: a tool that allows the quick creation of dynamic tree structures, which resemble natural rhizomes, and makes it freely accessible online through the use of Java. Pascal Chirol recognizes there are already plenty of graph-generating tools out there and consequently he questions the value of creating a new one. In his own defense, Pascal doesn't try to simply mimic existing tools, as he introduces some new elements to the mix, and that is always an exercise worth doing.

This tool started as a personal interest when Pascal was trying to map the multiple folders and inherent dependencies in his hard drive. The final output, according to the author, represents a continuous workshop, as the architecture of his work, media preferences, and life in general. The abstract visual representation becomes an assembly of Pascal?s small and disjointed elements lost in his machine.

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