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Paula Scher: Maps series
Paula Scher
Maya Stendhal Gallery
Project Description:
As a great admirer of Paula Scher's work, it was just a matter of time before her work appeared on VC.

A solo exhibition of new paintings by renowned artist and graphic designer Paula Scher opened on November 8th, 2007, at the Maya Stendhal Gallery at 545 West 20th Street in New York City. Scher expands on her highly acclaimed Maps series to create her most engaging work yet, depicting entire continents, countries and cities from all over the world that have been the critical focus of attention in recent headlines. Featured paintings include India, Tsunami, Manhattan at Night, NYC Transit, Middle East and Paris. An exhibition catalogue has been published. The show remains on view through January 26th, 2008.

Through an acute understanding of the powerful relationship between type and image, Scher harmonizes witty with tragic, the methodical with the intuitive, and the personal with the universal in these new paintings. Dynamic images are saturated with layers of elaborate line, explosions of words, and bright colors creating a plethora of visual information that produces an emotive response to places lived, visited, and imagined. Scher's maps also reflect the abundance of information that inundates us daily through newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet to reveal the fact that much of what we hear and read is strewn with inaccuracy, distorted facts, and subjectivity.

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