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Presidential Watch 2008
Linkfluence - RTGI Group
Project Description:
Presidential Watch 2008 has launched a set of tools to see, hear and feel what citizens and supporters are saying on the Internet about the 2008 US presidential elections. Their non-partisan observatory of the 2008 netcampaign offers to monitor and analyze the important trends of the campaign, the opinions of citizens and the continuously evolving standings of the candidates taking part in the race, from the primaries to the final run-up.

The tools give users a great insight on the presidential race by answering questions such as: Where is the debate happening? What are the hot topics on the agenda? Who's making the news? Who are the online community leaders?

One of its tools features a Map of the Political Blogosphere, highlighting the 292 influential sites and opinion hubs making the online debate on the presidential race. The map shows the different political communities represented by: Progressive, Independent, Conservative and Mass Media.

The RTGI Group has done a similar great work in mapping the French Political Blogosphere.

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