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Overnewsed but uninformed
Stefan Brautigam
Project Description:
Overnewsed but uninformed is an extraordinary piece of information design in the form of a 20-page newspaper. Each page introduces a topic from world news that is explained in detail with the help of rich and innovative charts and text. These pages can also be used as posters.

Stefan Brautigam is critical of the current news landscape, where according to him, it's getting harder and harder for an audience to determine the authenticity of the news. With this project, Stefan wants to help users search for sources they can trust. The collection of diagrams describes processes, discloses ownership structures and dependencies within the companies involved in the processing, preparation and delivery of messages. It also allows for easy analysis of user data. The audience can now evaluate and categorize news based on real-life examples, such as the collapse of a bridge in Minneapolis, in addition to having background information and analyses at their fingertips.

Comments (1):
Is looks great, too bad it is in German!

Posted by rob on Mar 26, 2009 at 6:30 PM (GMT)

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