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The Bridge Project
Elif Ayiter
Project Description:
The aim of this project is to visually demonstrate the author's personal understanding of the evolution of the computer generated "image work", by means of a free associative process that utilizes the search and query mechanisms of the Internet. Elif Ayiter tried to create a structure that displays this process by showing the data gathered in detail as well as in its entirety: Zooming in and out of objects and virtual navigation following free associations that can be evoked through online thesauruses, internet search engines and the ensuing surf mechanisms that can be utilized in the act of image creation - very much like collage/assemblage. Thus, seeking chance encounters and found objects, the author turned not to second hand shops, bookstores and discarded magazines, but to the Internet. This process is inverted to collage in the sense that associations themselves reveal the discovered objects - not the other way around.

The author was interested to find out what would the structure composed of these interrelated ideas and images looks like, whether it conveys the overall content and aim of the project when looked at from a distance, and the specifics when looked at in proximity. Elif is clear in the goal for the project: "I want the wiever to get lost, to wander from association to association, to spend time, to zoom in and out and view entire chains of associations as well as read the details".

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