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i3 map
Netherlands Design Institute
Project Description:
i3 (i-Cubed) is a design program of the European Union involved in research into intelligent information interfaces. As a contribution to the design publication IF/THEN, design company Lust designed a map which showed the relationships between the projects of the 71 institutions involved with i3. It was important to show which project was associated with which other project, whether geographically or conceptually. To map the spatial relationships between the institutions, a cube representing the world was used which was the deconstructed to reveal the existing and virtual connections of the corresponding projects. The map, although certainly informative in nature, also reveals the 'virtual' or 'experimental' aspect of each project. As well as hinting at the name of the program, the choice of the cube was also a conceptual necessity since it afforded multiple geometries in which to visualize the connections. This map was designed by Lust in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, Holland.

Source: IF/THEN

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