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Baby Name Brainstorm
Baby Name Brainstorm
Project Description:
Every name is rich with meaning, sound, history and character, contributing to its unique and individual qualities. In order to fully understand the complexities of baby-naming, Baby Name Brainstorm produced an enticing interactive graph showing multiple name relationships concurrently.

You can easily discover alternatives and variations on a favourite name or explore associations through phonetics, spellings, meanings and other interesting characteristics. The tool provides a great contextual view and flexible navigation through literally thousands of connections for each name, allowing you to delve deeper into the name universe.

Comments (2):
Cute, but the software seems pretty dumb, especially given the statement that "every name is rich with meaning," etc. Try a nickname that isn't a direct shortening of a name, say Bob, which should bring up Robert but doesn't, or Beth or Liz or Lisa, which should bring up Elizabeth (and even Elisheva!) but doesn't. Liza doesn't even bring up Liz!

Posted by Seth Grimes on Jan 29, 2009 at 2:13 PM (GMT)

Hey Seth. Thanks for the feedback. The matching engine is a work in progress and we're in the process of building more richness into the database including etymologies which will be available very soon. The 'sounds like' relation is currently based on the soundex algorithm which I agree is pretty dumb, but most of the names you mentioned actually do link up. For example Beth or Liz (found in) produces Elizabeth. As does Liza (contains) Liz. Liza is actually also matched to (sounds like) Liz, but there are dozens of other results too, so you have to navigate through a couple of links. It also matches Elizabeth to Elisheva.

Posted by Lachlan Cotter on Jan 29, 2009 at 7:25 PM (GMT)

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