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    Multi-Domain Representation  
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The Elumenati
Project Description:
GeoDome is an outstanding visual analysis technology by The Elumenati. It enables audiences to interactively navigate through beautifully rendered visualizations of scientific data, working collaboratively. By immersively presenting complex concepts in an easy-to-understand visual context, it provides transformative experiences for learners of all ages.

When in Asheville to attend HATCH in mid-April 2009, I had the chance to see one of the portable immersive domes up-close (or from within to be more precise) and I must say it was a unique and stimulating experience. Anyone passionate about Data Visualization would be fired up by witnessing the capabilities of the system and wonder on its future developments. Used mostly as an educational tool, the technology has a massive potential and can incorporate a variety of geo-based datasets. Producing mesmerizing flythroughs across Earth and the Cosmos, in a series of interactive Powers of Ten, it has been used for a variety of clients, including Nasa, NOAA, American Museum of Natural History, Cirque du Soleil, amongst others.

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