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Bonding Energy
Douglas Repetto, Tali Hinkis, Kyle Lapidus
Project Description:
Commissioned by, Bonding Energy is an electrogeography and data visualization project inspired by ideas associated with micro-credit loans and distributed computing applications such as SETI@home.

It consists of a set of "Sunsmile" devices that measure solar energy from seven sites around New York State. Every ten minutes each Sunsmile device takes a reading from its solar panel and sends the data to the server. When a viewer visits Bonding Energy they are presented with a live visualization of the data collected from the seven devices.

Data from each device is represented by a wedge in an animated circle. The colors in the wedges change as the data from the previous seven days is played back; oranges represent low light levels, yellows medium, and blues indicate high ones. Highlighted bands indicate maximum and minimum data values, and a rotating line of text displays the date and time of the data being displayed in the center of the circle at each moment. Shapes overlaid on the animation represent changing data relationships between and within the Sunsmile devices.

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