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Global Dependency Explorer
Camelia Smeria, Eric Mulder, Koen Jacobs, Lynn Engl, Maarten Hoogvliet, Patrick Mast, Sanja Bankras
University of Amsterdam, Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design
Project Description:
I first saw this project on the Show me the Data event in May 2010. Organized by Marcel Worring, Raul Nino Zambrano, and Yuri Engelhardt, this marked the public presentation of nine multidisciplinary data visualization projects developed by Master students of the University of Amsterdam and the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design. The invited lecturers, Daniel Aguilar (Bestiario), Erik-Jan van der Linden (MagnaView), and myself, symbolically nominated this the winning project due to its in-depth multivariate analysis.

Using data from the CIA World Factbook, this interactive application tracks the commercial ties between most countries across the globe, allowing for a variety of comparisons and insights. The system is developed for a webkit browser so it will work better in Chrome or Safari.

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