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Visualizing the Gravity Interest Graph
Kunal Anand
Project Description:
Kunal Anand, who has been previously featured in VisualComplexity, has created a new visualization piece exploring the notion of an interest graph, showing how people you know are connected to things that you are interested in. He essentially plotted himself "ME" in the center of the canvas and connected the node to his major interests. He then overlayed his friends from surrounding social networks and linked them to his various interests, ultimately shaping his own interest graph.

Kunal is the Lead Software Architect of Gravity, a new online startup founded by ex-MySpace execs, currently in private beta mode. As described on the site, "Gravity is a personalization platform that enables internet applications & services to deliver personalised experiences based on user interests." Kunal's piece ultimately explores the enticing goal of Gravity to build the Internet's Interest Graph.

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