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Twitter Orographies
Data Interfaces
Project Description:
Twit­ter Oro­gra­phies is an exper­i­ment in the visu­al­iza­tion of Twit­ter con­ver­sa­tions targeting the dis­cus­sion space around a given key­word. It rep­re­sents the seman­tic space of top­ics that emerge, the rel­a­tive rel­e­vance of each topic, and the rela­tions between the dif­fer­ent top­ics that arise from the discussion.

Oper­a­tionally, Twit­ter Oro­gra­phies works by lis­ten­ing (in real time) to the stream of all the tweets that men­tion a given key­word (or hash­tag). Each one of these tweets is then ana­lyzed by remov­ing com­mon words with weak seman­tic con­tent (such as arti­cles and propo­si­tions) and the remain­ing words are added to a weighted net­work in which the dis­cus­sion top­ics are rep­re­sented by nodes (weighted by fre­quency) and weight of the edges rep­re­sent the relat­ed­ness of the top­ics (how often the two top­ics appear in the same tweet).

Once the final net­work is defined, the inter­face cre­ates a seman­tic land­scape out of the dis­cus­sion, in which the most rel­e­vant top­ics appear as higher moun­tains and the emerg­ing top­ics as lower hills, and where the relat­ed­ness is mapped to topic prox­im­ity and dis­played through the use of explicit visual links.

The oro­graphic metaphor allows to track the evo­lu­tion of smaller and big­ger land­forms that rep­re­sent spe­cific top­ics, moun­tain sys­tems that dis­play clus­ters of related top­ics, oro­grafic belts cre­ated by chains of given words (usu­ally caused by pseudo-retweets).

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