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College of Design and Social Context
Andrew Dun
RMIT University
Project Description:
This chart illustrates the structure and composition of the Higher Education (HE) segment of the College of Design and Social Context (DSC) at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

One of RMIT's three colleges, DSC has a total HE EFTSL of around 11000, and a headcount over 14000 students. DSC's largest school by HE EFTSL is Media and Communications. Across all schools, undergraduate enrolments account for the greatest share of student load, and RTS/CGS (government subsidised) places the greatest proportion of fund sources. 210 programs are offered across the eight schools of DSC. Over 2000 courses sit across these programs (not illustrated). The centre captures articulation pathways between programs.

Colored lines illustrate pathways within schools. Line width indicates the enrolment volume of the source program in each articulation pair. Grey lines capture existing and potential articulations across schools. Here, transparency indicates the EFTSL size of the source program. The chart captures a total of approximately 4700 articulation pathways. Note that individual program codes have been scrambled for the purposes of this public release.

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