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The Chicago Tribune Website
Graham J. Wills
Bell Laboratories
Project Description:
The Chicago Tribune is one of the two big Chicago papers, and as such is a good example of an organized, commercially- oriented website. The site made its data available for exploration, and has been downloaded and explored using NicheWorks in the EDV environment. The goal of the analysis was to understand the structure of the site and see what desing criteria had been used in its production.

"We have set both color and shape of the nodes to reflect the node type and status as returned from MOMspider". The coding is:

- Orange squares: Local pages
- Orange circles: Local images
- Blue squares: Off-site pages
- Yellow squares: CGI queries
- Light-blue: Avoided

Links are colored on with brighter hues indicating more links from one URL to another. Some key URLs have been interactively labelled.

Comments (1):
dead link

Posted by mark on May 25, 2007 at 4:12 PM (GMT)

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