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Exploring large graphs in 3D Hyperbolic Space
Tamara Munzner
Stanford University
Project Description:
Drawing graphs as nodes connected by links is visually compelling but computationally difficult. Hyperbolic space and spanning trees can reduce visual clutter, speed up layout, and provide fluid interaction.

This project consists of a software system that explicitly attempts to handle much larger graphs than previous systems and support dynamic exploration rather than final presentation.

A software system that supports graph exploration should include both a layout and an interactive drawing component. Tamara Munzner developed new algorithms for both layout and drawing - H3 and H3Viewer . As she describes: "I have implemented a software library that uses these algorithms. It can handle graphs of more than 100,000 edges by using a spanning tree as the backbone for the layout and drawing algorithms. We draw the graph structure in 3D hyperbolic space to show a large neighborhood around a node of interest. This also allows for quick, fluid changes of the focus point". The H3Viewer drawing algorithm uses both graph-theoretic and view-dependent information to achieve a high guaranteed frame rate.

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