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Starlight - Web Mapping
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - USA
Project Description:
Starlight is a generic information visualization tool, developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA), that is applicable to a wide range of problems.

The first image shows a Starlight Network View representation of the "Information Visualization" Web community. This collection of Web pages was harvested using the Google search engine to retrieve the top 100 ranked pages containing the phrase "information visualization," as well as all pages that link to, or are linked to from, the pages in the query result set. The entire collection consists of approximately 1500 pages. In this view, nodes represent discrete Web pages, and edges represent hyperlink references among the pages. The pages are color-encoded according to their link class, with pages in the original result set colored green, result set inlinks colored blue, and result set outlinks colored yellow. Note that the majority of the result set pages are embedded in the clique (dodecahedra) and cluster (stellated dodecahedra) nodes.

The second image portraits the same Web page collection, now displayed as a Starlight Concept View. It shows conceptual correlations among the contents of the page text. Groups of conceptually related pages are shown displayed in the same cluster, and the clusters are arranged spatially such that clusters that are most similar are spatially adjacent.

Comments (1):
Hi, I am a graduate student currently doing my thesis on Web graphs. some of the images produced the web mapping software has really fascinated me. In fact I would like to use the above example if you kindly allow. I was looking for an illustration of Thematically Unified Clusters of web pages with the presence of cliques. Please let me know if I can use the image .Thanks

Posted by Soumen Sengupta on Aug 23, 2007 at 8:40 PM (GMT)

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