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Teleglobe's Global Network
Project Description:
Teleglobe owns and operates one of the world's most extensive global telecommunications networks, providing reach to over 240 countries and territories with advanced voice, data and signaling capabilities.

This map is a representation of Teleglobe's Global Network, which supports global IP Transit, international private leased circuits (IPLs), bandwidth capacity, and broadcast services. Teleglobe has ownership in over 100 subsea and terrestrial cable systems and has access to over 40 teleport antennas and transponder capacity serving the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Teleglobe is a global Tier 1 internet service provider (ISP) and operates the IP backbone AS 6453. Their MPLS-enabled IP network connects more than 90 countries to the Internet and is ready for IPv6, the new generation IP protocol. Teleglobe offers International Private Lease (IPLs) service to over 95 countries via 131 carriers agreements of which 55 have enabled the One-stop shopping arrangement. Broadcast services are worldwide.

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